Happy Rose Day Images SMS Messages Quotes

Happy Rose Day Images SMS Messages Quotes : The romantic week of Valentines in February starts with a Rose day. The entire valentines week is all about love and romance. This is the time when new relations build and old relations can become strong, soft and sweet. The first day which is Rose day is celebrated by gifting roses of different colors to friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, lovers, and to whomever you think deserves a token of any beautiful expression which can be friendship or love. This special day fall on 7th February. You can even make your friend feel special by sending happy rose day SMS quotes pics. These can be found on various websites on internet.

Happy Rose Day

Happy Rose Day

There is one unique idea by which you can combine roses and messages together. For example, you can gift him or her one rose and send a beautiful message along with that. If you are gifting him or her a yellow rose, and send a friendship rose day sms.

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Happy Rose Day SMS

This rose day I wish that all the thorns on the path of your life be vanquished and your life path be filled with petals of love, friendship and blessings.

My eyes are blind without your eyes to see,
similar to a rose without color.
Love you forever, Happy Rose Day.
Lovely are the roses and Lovelier are you.
Lovely are the things you do,
but the loveliest is the friendship of the two,
One is ME and other is YOU

With this rose, I reveal all my
thoughts and feelings about you
that I have withheld for so long.
I feel when I am with you I am like a rose,
not because of its beauty,
but because I am able to bloom and grow with you.

Happy Rose Day

Happy Rose Day messages

Sweet as A Rose Bud
Bright as A Star
Cute as a Kitten,
Thats What U Are.
Bundles of Joy Sunshine,
And Fun You Are Everything.

A rose doesnt only means for proposing love. it also means
R- Rare
O- Ones
S- Supporting
E- Entire life
Will you always be there?

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Rose Day Quotes

A rose is the visible result of an infinitude of complicated goings on in the bosom of the earth and in the air above, and similarly a work of art is the product of strange activities in the human mind.

In real life, unlike in Shakespeare, the sweetness of the rose depends upon the name it bears. Things are not only what they are. They are, in very important respects, what they seem to be.

The Rose Speaks of Love Silently, in a language known only to the Heart.

Every bird cannot dance
But peacock do it
Every friend can not
reach my heart
but u did it.
Every Flower can not express love
But rose do it.

Happy Rose Day Images pics

Happy Rose Day

Happy Rose Day images

Happy Rose Day

happy Rose Day Wallpapers

happy Rose Day

happy Rose Day pictures

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